Trikaya Agriculture Pvt Ltd. is a 22 year old vegetable growing company, with a turnover of over 7 crores, 245 employees and directly farming 216 acres of land two hours away from Mumbai. Our farms are around Talegaon in Pune district, in the Konkan coastal area and at 6000 feet in Ooty.

We are India’s leading growers of exotic vegetables and fruits. We grow thirteen types of lettuces, nine exotic continental European vegetables, sixteen Chinese and Thai vegetables, seventeen herbs and sprouts and sixteen types of exotic fruits. We have six cold rooms spread out between our farms and a refrigerated truck to maintain the cold chain and maximize the shelf life of our vegetables. We are exclusive suppliers to Subway supplying them 15 tons a month and also grow lettuce for McDonald’s who we supply 25 tons a month. Our other 130 clients range from five star hotels, air kitchens, ship chandlers, retail chains like Godrej and Reliance and roadside vendors in various parts of Mumbai. We have also set up a chilled processing plant to process lettuce and other vegetables which are vacuum packed and delivered to our clients at 2 to 4 centigrade.

We had to set up our own marketing network for our vegetables because there was no existing infrastructure. When we did produce, we often ended up discarding it in the compost heap because of unorganized demand. We have our own outlets at Crawford Market, Dadar, Vikhroli and Vashi Wholesale Market. We have a staff of 30 in Mumbai that delivers our vegetables and find markets for the new products that we launch every year. Fortuitously, this forced forward integration has meant that now we don’t have many layers of middle-men between us the producer, and the customer.

In the last few years we have branched out from our main business of growing uncommonly – grown vegetables to also grow uncommon cut flowers and fruits.